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Da Fish spins and twirls to your cat's delight. The braided safety wire creates random movement and disappears from their sight as they focus on catching their colourful prey.

Swivel clip creates action and makes it easy to create a new toy. Glitter wands available in six fun colours!

Go Cat Da Fish

  • The Original Da Bird and Go Cat top quality, interactive cat toys have been #1 cat toys for the past 25 years! These toys work like no others on the market. The special way they are hand-crafted and tested creates movements and sound that makes "Da Bird" fly like a real bird and other toys scurry like ground prey!

    Handcrafted from all-natural materials from USA and Kenya. Go Cat Interactive Toys are recommended by veterinarians to keep your cats healthy and happy. Featured on Animal Planet, The Martha Stewart Show, 2 Paws Up in Cat Magazine, Cat Fancy, and Modern Cat Magazine, and many more!

    Hide cat toys when not in use and supervise when in use. Inspect periodically for damage. Do not permit your pet to play with a toy that is broken or damaged. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible.

    Size: 40.4cm x 9.9cm x 0.76cm

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