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The Cuthbert’s Banana Iced are yummy delicious doggie treat for your best friend. These baked doggie treats have a mouth watering banana icing flavor, which your dog will just adore. Make sure you spoil your dog with a treat worthy treat that will make him love you even more!

The ingredients used in these treats are, animal processed protein, vitamins, non-lauric non-sucrose coating, flavourants, vegetable fat, minerals, approved anti-oxidants, and wheat and whole wheat flour. Please remember to always provide your dog with fresh water when serving him treats.

The Cuthbert’s Banana Iced  is available in a 650g pack.

Cuthbert's Banana Iced Biscuits (650g)

  • Ingredients

    • animal processed protein
    • vitamins
    • non-lauric non-sucrose coating
    • flavourants
    • vegetable fat
    • minerals
    • approved anti-oxidants
    • wheat
    • whole wheat flour
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