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Seresto 8 - month Tich & Flea collars repels and kills ticks and fleas through simply coming into contact- this means that they do not have to bit eyour dog before they fall off and die. Because they do not have to bite and suck blood to  be killed there is a reduced risk of blood loss, pain, irritation, tick paralysis and transmission of infections 

Seresto Collar - Small Dog (below 8KG)

    • Can be used for puppies and dogs 7 weeks and older (below 8kg)
    • Effective against fleas within as little as 24 hours after initial application & re-infesting fleas within 2 hours 
    • Effective against ticks within as little as 48 hours of initial application and re-infesting ticks within 6 hours
    • Easty to use, adjustable collar, odourless and non greasy
    • Quick release feature & visibility reflectors for additional safety 
    • Water resistant formula continues to work for up  to 8 months - even after bathing, swimming or sun exposure
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