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With a delicious beef flavour, specifically formulated for dogs using a combination of nutritional & herbal ingredients known for improving & protecting th ehealth of your pets joints. 

As an anti-inflammatory assiting in joint regeneration, this remedy will address symptoms of osteoarthritis in all breeds including degenerative joint disease & develpmental joint problems such as hip dysplasia.

For reduced inflammation, effective pain relief and increased mobility while strengthening the muscular and skeletal system & supporting immune health.

Regal Joint Health Remedy 400ml

  • Due to the artificial beef flavour it is easy and stressfree to administor. 

    Can be administered directly into the mouth or placed in a bowl. 

    If your pet is a fussy eater you can add it to their favourite food or snack

    • small dogs (1 - 4.5kg) 5ml three times daily
    • small to medium dogs (5 - 10kg) 10ml three times daily
    • medium dogs (11 - 20kg) 15ml three times daily
    • large dogs (21kg or more) 20ml three times daily

    Use as recommended for beswt results

    Use until symptoms clear or continue as needed

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