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All the Probono biscuit goodness that you know and love – and that gets tails wagging – but now packaged in beautifully coloured tins for easy storage and long term freshness. One crack of the tins lid and your dog will be doing a happy dance.

1 kg carton of biscuits for ALL Dogs.

No artificial flavourants, no colourants and no preservatives.

ProBono Reusable Tin with biscuits 1kg

  • wheat and whole wheat flour, meat & bone meal, bran, vitamins & minerals, teeth cleaning agent, approved antioxidants. probono dog biscuits also contain a blend of vitamins A, E and B group vitamins as well as magnesium, zinc and iron.


    PROTEIN  160 g (min)

    MOISTURE 100 g (max)

    FAT  100 g (min)

    FIBRE 35 g (min)

    VITAMIN A 6000 iu

    VITAMIN C 50 mg

    B COMPLEX 1.48 mg

    VITAMIN E 69 iu

    CALCIUM 15 g (max)

    MAGNESIUM 0.5 g

    PHOSPHOROUS 8 g (min)

    ZINC 30 mg

    IRON 60 mg

    SELENIUM 0.5 mg

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