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Enriched with calcium, vitamins and minerals, Probono biscuits also contain a blend of vitamins A, E and B group vitamins as well as magnesium, zinc and iron.

Like all Probono biscuits, they are hand made in South Africa with love and care.

ProBono Appetite Control Biscuits 350g


    CRUDE PROTEIN  240 g (min)

    MOISTURE 95 g (max)

    CRUDE FAT  70 g (min)

    CRUDE FIBRE 60 g (max)

    ASH  70 g (max)

    VITAMIN A 6000 iu

    B COMPLEX 1.48 mg

    VITAMIN C 50 mg

    VITAMIN E 69 iu

    CALCIUM 11 g (max)

    MAGNESIUM 0.5 g

    PHOSPHOROUS 9 g (min)

    ZINC 30 mg

    IRON 60 mg

    SELENIUM 0.5 mg

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