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Our entire range of treats and nibbles are produced locally using only the best quality ingredients — and contain NO artificial flavourants or colourants.

Pets Elite Peanut Butter Lollies (12)

  • It is vital to give your dog treats because chewing is hugely beneficial to your dog’s dental health –at the same time it also exercises the muscles from jaw to tail. So not only will your fur child get enjoyment out of our treats but most of the treats also serve as a toothbrush at the same time.

    Also, don’t forget, our treats are:

    • high in protein
    • healthy (all natural)
    • grain- and – wheat-free
  • Moisture increases the risk of mould — our secret is to dehydrate our products as much as possible, so we can avoid using artificial preservatives.

    We also do not use any bug-repelling chemicals. This means that our products remain natural yet have a long shelf-life if stored under the right conditions (away from external moisture and bugs).

    Our treats contain NO artificial flavourants or colourants, which give them their raw and natural appearance.

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