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Flexi has a soft spot for big dogs - the full 20 m diameter allows your best friend to explore the delights of the countryside with all the freedom of movement he wants. Giant is easy to operate and the soft grip handle makes even the longest of walks seem short.

Flexi Giant Collection M Tape 8m

    • 8m tape leash
    • For dogs up to max. 25kg
    • Solid soft-grip
    • Sturdy tape
    • Neon-coloured tape
    • Neon-coloured print
    • Chromed snap hook
    • Product weight: 440g approx.

    Additional Features:

    BRAKING SYSTEM: Tried and proven technology in a massive casing stops the most vigorous forward movement at the touch of a button.

    NEON-COLOURED COMPONENTS: People can recognise you and your dog as a team from far away

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