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Cat’s Best is 100 % natural, has absolutely no chemical additives, and is completely biodegradable; no trees are felled to produce Cat’s Best, cat litter is made exclusively from PEFC-certified secondary raw wood materials from the wood-processing industry. AT’S BEST Green Power is not just compostable, it is actually one hundred percent biodegradable. CAT’S BEST Green Power consists 100%  renewable plant fibres and is supplied in an environmentally friendly paper bag.

Cat’s Best Sensitive was specially developed for sensitive cats and its fine grain means it is particularly gentle to soft paws. Cat’s Best Sensitive obtains its natural antibacterial effect from a natural agent which is added to the litter with the green pearls. This supports antibacterial hygiene in the cat litter tray.

No smell! The cat litter that functions like a natural germ and odour trap. Excellent odour control, compostable (even the packaging) and 100% biodegradable. Made in Germany from 100% renewable organic fibre without artificial or chemical additives.

  • Soft Clumping and non-sticking:The pellets’ special form stops them from sticking to a cat’s fur and paws

  • 100% Natural: No chemical additives

  • Simple Disposal: Easy to dispose and environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Cats Best Sensitive Litter (green power) (2.9kg & 7.2kg)

PriceFrom R243,23
    • For long-haired cats
    • Mini Power Pellets for long-haired cats with reduced tracking
    • Extremely efficient
    • Dramatically less waste expands 1:7 when clumping, only soiled litter is removed
    • Easier to transport: For the same output, approx. only 1/3 of the weight of mineral products!
    • Waste clumps can be disposed of in the normal household toilet (be sure to check your local disposal regulations!)
    • Can also be used as ground cover for reptiles, rodents, birds, etc. where absorption and smell control is important
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