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Monthly treatments can be easy to lose track of, so Bravecto has made them last twice as long.


Bravecto Plus Spot-On Tick, Flea and Worm Treatment will guard your cat against fleas and paralysis ticks plus heartworm for 2 months and treat intestinal worms and ear mites - all in one dose.


For cats between 1.2 and 2.8kg in weight.

Bravecto Plus Cat Spot On Tick, Flea and Worm Treatment - 1.2-2.8kg

  • Key Features:

    • Works fast and continues to protect against fleas for 3 months, protection against paralysis ticks for 10 weeks and heartworm for 2 months
    • Treats intestinal worms and ear mites
    • Twist´n´Use tube makes it easy to apply, giving you confidence in successful protection even with pets who have Houdini-like abilitiies in making swallowed pills reappear outside their mouth moments later.
  • Registration: G4408 (Act 36/1947)

    Active Ingredients: Each 1 ml contains 280 mg fluralaner and 14 mg moxidectin.

    Dosage:  One tube for cats weighing up to 2.8kg

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